an university student that developed a “guidebook” so that details on ladies features enraged online with a new post going viral on social media.

Released to
‘s famous r/AmITheA**hole message board, one according to the login name u/kaiokamikaze
provided his tale
for opinions from AITA society to find out if he was into the completely wrong. Standard post has over 7,000 upvotes and 4,000 opinions.

“therefore freshman season of college, I began concentrating on this job casually,” the Redditor began, “I like to hold notes on women we speak to regarding their favorite circumstances, tasks they enjoy, gifts/candy they prefer, sappy s**t like that. I suck at recalling such things as that and so I chose to hold a spreadsheet.”

The guy nonchalantly delivered their “Pokédex”—named for your guide for the game and anime show


that indexes the imaginary creatures—up to their pals and so they met with the proven fact that the guy should share it with these people. A very important factor induce another, and 40 guys inside Reddit customer’s fraternity now have usage of it. They could include new entries they “caught” in order to help other people impress the woman they were going on a romantic date with.

The world wide web slammed a student for creating a “guide guide” to help keep all about females.

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The women happened to be typically from other sororities around their college campus. He reiterated into audience which he did not have this Pokédex for “nefarious or scumbaggy” factors. In an edit into the post, the guy affirmed he was not a stalker in addition to record wasn’t intended to have information which could harm any person nor was just about it intended for “just” sex.

The user stated, “in some way, a female who had been regarding record revealed and she was actually p**sed [the f**k] down. She ended up being ultimately able to track it back into myself thus I assume a person that was actually simping on her snitched as soon as the Pokédex wasn’t making the lady like him. So she’s pissed off and she managed to make it over to be a guide to hooking up with females, when it is most surely not too.

“it is simply to make impressing all of them on times easier. That’s all. She actually is produced a problem of your informing a lot of girls around university now they can be all stating that from the beginning of the autumn session, do not require will be seeing all of our fraternity or gonna the functions,” he persisted.

He mentioned that his fraternity was actually upset with him despite them utilising the number.

reached out to u/kaiokamikaze for remark.

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A lot of audience were fast to slam the first poster (OP) for their actions.

“[You’re the a**hole]-but chiefly for thinking many people are as well dumb the begin to see the actual objective behind record. There isn’t an individual on right here which feels this listing isn’t really for intimate or nefarious reasons,” u/jake7992 exclaimed, obtaining the most notable opinion with more than 10,000 upvotes.

“which f**king terrifying, for just what i am hoping are obvious factors. There is certainly a good amount of other things completely wrong because of this (you’ve generally establish a g**damn selection of females for males to choose and choose from, explaining it as a ‘pokedex’), but hopefully this might give you someplace to begin. [You’re the a**hole]. Erase this database instantly. Your ‘convenience’ doesn’t trump ladies protection,” u/CeridwenAeradwr revealed.

U/Kindly_Reward_8537 known as from the OP, “[You’re the a**hole] that is only weird. And simple fact that you provided it with other men and women and permitted them to modify its unpleasant. Also..’entries’?? Normallyn’t ‘entries’ these are generally real men and women you’re referring to right here.”

“Yep…[You’re the a**hole]. When it had been yourself then you could possibly get a pass with respect to the information. Nevertheless the fact you shared it about and permitted other individuals to edit and employ it. That alone helps make [you the a**hole],” u/No-Bridge-6546 admitted.

“[You’re the a**hole]. Women aren’t Pokemon notes or objects you should examine. If you would like wow a lady how about having this lady away? Observing their? If you are genuinely curious you’re going to bear in mind her needs and wants, you’ll not need a spreadsheet,” u/oneblessedmess said.