The Latino culture is full of rich traditions that can generate any wedding a really memorable event. From the seguidillas manchegas (money dance) to mariachi music, the possibilities for incorporating Latin American wedding traditions into your big event are countless. And while you might not want to incorporate all of these customs into your marriage ceremony and reception, a little bit of studies a good way to find the ones that are most meaningful to you along with your partner.

One of the most prevalent aspects of a Latin American wedding is the arras, which features 13 gold coins symbolizing Jesus wonderful 12 apostles and are given to the star of the event by her father or mother before the ceremony. Some other traditional habit is the afinidad, which is a wedding ceremony lasso that may be placed over the newlyweds during their commemoration. It represents their particular eternal gratitude and a fresh beginning and can also be with the rosary commemoration, or vinculo de desposorio. A protector, or god-parent, is an important portion of the wedding and will assist with many different areas of the ceremony, such as the arras, rosary or trampa.

Baca explains that, and some of these customs are similar around Latin America, every nation has its own unique communities, highlights and reputations that make for a variety of wedding must-haves. Whether you want to keep things completely traditional or perhaps add some refined elements, these 10 Latin marriage ceremony rituals will assist you to honor the heritage and celebrate in fashion.