It may seem counterintuitive, but holding off on putting pen to paper in the design development phase – that is, at least until you’ve spoken with a decorative metal or glass railing expert – definitely has its benefits. Here are three reasons why it’s a good idea for architects to contact a railing estimator prior to finalizing an architectural handrail design.


Railings are extremely versatile.  They can change the perception of a building entirely; taking center stage as a main focal point, or adopting more of a supporting role with a seamless design that provides an illusion of near-invisibility.  But no matter what part an architectural railing system plays in the big picture, one fact holds true – architectural railings will always remain an important aspect of a building’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Drawing and building the handrail system that’s right for your project is not without its challenges, however. With so many options available, deciding on a design – whether standard or custom – can be a daunting task. This is where a one-on-one conversation with an expert can move you swiftly towards your main objective. A factory employee will help you identify and choose each fine detail – such as which infill will complement the building’s overall style, or which type of finish will bring life to your design.

As an architect, you leave your mark or “signature”, on the building you create, so there’s no harm in taking the time required to select – and create – the railing system that best speaks to the final product you’ve envisioned. After all, a great-looking architectural railing that functions well, could mean the difference between just another building, and a truly remarkable, memorable masterpiece.


Whether big or small, every project has a budget.  Imagine designing a railing system that not only looks fantastic, but keeps you from tipping the scales when it comes to cost. Working with an architectural railing manufacturing company to get your system within the price range where it needs to be, is not only a wise choice – it’s a vital one.  Plus, architectural railings can always be value-engineered without sacrificing quality or looks; just a bit of creative thinking and ingenuity is all it takes!


When specifying any product, you need to make sure that the system will function as it should, once installed.  Professional help from a railing manufacturer in the planning phase ensures that the railing will work exactly the way it’s supposed to and meet all the necessary building codes.  A simple conversation or two with a railing estimator could even prevent potential problems down the road, essentially guaranteeing optimal functionality for many years to come.

The next time you’ve secured work on a high-rise hotel with hundreds of balcony railings, or a beautiful condo where windscreens are a must-have for the top-floor terrace, check in with an architectural railing company sales representative or a factory estimator before you finalize the plans.  You may be surprised by just how far you can exceed your own design expectations.