Where Safety and Style Co-exist.

At Kane Innovations, we believe that aesthetics and distinction shouldn’t have to be sacrificed for safety and protection. Our ornamental metal features blend flawlessly with even the most spectacular architectural designs. 

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Ornamental Fabrications

Entirely Custom

We create unique designs with you in mind. All of our ornamental fabrications are designed and created exclusively for your project and to meet your exact style needs and specifications. Our custom elements are fabricated using aluminum, stainless steel, and glass components resulting in decorative accent systems and mounting solutions that stand the test of time. 

Our typical products

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Ornamental Fabrications
Ornamental Fabrications

Every Need Met

Whatever you need, Kane can help. Our offerings include decorative architectural metal panels and screens, parking garage screens, glass windscreens for amenity decks and pools, balcony divider panels and privacy screens, glass smoke baffle systems and overhead draft curtains, custom gates, and decorative rooftop HVAC enclosures and ground floor screening. We design to fit your need every time.

Ready to Help

We’re standing by. From decorative architectural panels, to stylish barriers and screens that elevate a functional space into a work of art, Kane Innovations has the skill, expertise, and manpower to make your vision a reality. We’re ready to get to work bringing your project to life! Contact us today to find out how Kane can work for you. 

Ornamental Fabrications

Ornamental Fabrications

Why Kane

With over a hundred years in the industry, at Kane Innovations we know a thing or two about ornamental fabrications. We stay up-to-date with the latest styles and technologies, while holding true to our roots. Whether you’re looking for new fixtures for a historic preservation or you need fabrications that are completely modern, we’ve seen it all, and we’re here to help.

“In recent years, we’ve been heavily focused on elevating our technology knowledge and expertise. Staying ahead of the curve in terms of drafting programs, field measuring equipment, 3-D modeling software – even jobsite virtual reality applications – has not only energized the engineering team, it’s provided Kane Innovations with a real competitive edge overall.”

Mark Kightlinger, Engineering Manager

“Kane Innovations has established itself as a financially viable company of cash, working capital, capital structure and earnings. Because of this we are able to take advantage of strategic initiatives with customers and vendors that will take Kane to the highest level of our industry. All of this could have/will only happen with the team approach we have established and expect from every employee in our organization.”

Drew Ennis, Chief Financial Officer