Railing Resources

Down to the last detail. Although each Sterling Dula railing system is fabricated per each project’s plans and specs, Kane Innovations offers a wide variety of pre-designed options to inspire. Download our product data and design files to learn more.  Explore our railing resources

Security Screens Resources

Files of all types to ensure a great fit. From CAD to BIM, we have the Kane Security Screens design docs you need to get your project started. Explore our security screens resources

Detention Resources

Up-to-date downloads. We want our customers and specifiers to know our products as well as we do. Our downloadable document library contains everything from Kane Detention brochures to .rfas and .dwgs.Explore our detention resources

Ornamental Fabrications Resources

All custom – always. From smoke baffles to gates and everything in between, Kane has the expertise to fulfill your design and safety needs. Reach out to our team today and let’s create something together. Explore our ornamental fabrications resources

“Kane Innovations has established itself as a financially viable company of cash, working capital, capital structure and earnings.  Because of this we are able to take advantage of strategic initiatives with customers and vendors that will take Kane to the highest level of our industry.  All of this could have/will only happen with the team approach we have established and expect from every employee in our organization.”

Drew Ennis, Chief Financial Officer, Kane Innovations

“In recent years, we’ve been heavily focused on elevating our technology knowledge and expertise.  Staying ahead of the curve in terms of drafting programs, field measuring equipment, 3-D modeling software – even jobsite virtual reality applications – has not only energized the engineering team, it’s provided Kane Innovations with a real competitive edge overall.”

Mark Kightlinger, Engineering Manager, Kane Innovations