In a recent article published by The Construction Specifier, author Mahmod Samman discuss the importance of prevent railing vibrations balcony and ensuring that balcony prevents meet wind loading requirements for the comfort (and safety) of guests and/or residents. Samman also analyzes the wind-induced, noisy rattling of certain types of balcony railing systems most commonly found in coastal regions.

Below are a few tips (from a railing manufacturer’s perspective) to prevent such vibrations:

  1. Make sure the railing manufacturer always performs project-specific engineering calculations.
  2. Since vibration can occur on systems with longer structural members, make sure your post spacing is 48″ on center or closer.
  3. Consider strongly-welded systems in lieu of mechanically fastened railing to reduce or eliminate rattling.
  4. Rethink systems with pass-through pickets. Even if the railing system’s pickets are welded to the top and bottom rail, rattling or vibrations may still occur if the pickets are not welded to the “pass through” component.
  5. Minimize whistling on mechanically fastened systems by placing snap-on covers on the bottom of vertical components (i.e. posts & pickets). Be sure a weep hole is present when these covers are used, in order to allow excess moisture to escape.

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