Exterior Illuminated Handrail and Guardrail

3 Tips for Specifying Railing Systems Equipped with Low Voltage Lighting

From multifamily residential properties to transportation stations, illuminated railing systems deliver a true “wow factor” to any project, large or small.  However, the benefits of these unique products don’t end with visual interest.  When low voltage LED lighting is incorporated into a balcony or stair railing, the property also improves dramatically in terms of safety, by supplying pedestrians with a well-lit walking surface.

Illuminated architectural railings require a great deal of planning, but with care – and the combination of glass, metal and highly technical and specialized lighting elements – the exterior facade is guaranteed to seamlessly evolve into a stunning and functional design feature.

Below are three tips for specifying and/or selecting illuminated architectural railings:

TIP #1:  Plan Ahead!

Illuminated railings must comply with electrical, structural and architectural requirements to ensure proper functionality of the product.  Following these system customizations, Kane Innovations goes a step further, furnishing detailed shop drawings to your team to assist in coordination with other trades.  However, all such detailing requires a bit of extra time and effort to ensure everyone is “wired in” to the design requirements, so it’s a must to be prepared.

TIP #2:  Ask For a Complete Turnkey Product

Kane Innovations’ integrated design, engineering, fabrication and installation process is exceptionally effective due to our extreme focus on the details of your project.  This is done to ensure that the railings meet various ADA, health and egress codes.  Whatever railing manufacturer you select, be sure you’re getting the full service package that you signed up for – and that the architectural design not only looks the part, but performs as intended.

TIP #3:  Use Illumination as Accents in Your Design

Though extraordinarily striking when installed throughout the full length of the system, illuminated components can be used on a much smaller scale to highlight particular areas of interest, such as corners or stairways.  To draw the eye to the best aspects of your project, less can certainly be more.  For more information on component placement options, contact a Kane Innovations estimator today.

Kane Innovations always provides professionally engineered and stamped drawings for all handrail and guardrail systems.  We recommend careful coordination with necessary trades to ensure timely installation of your Sterling Dula brand railing systems.