Kane Innovations Publishes Behavioral Health Security Screens Buyer’s Guide

Guide is a Complete Resource for Selecting and Installing Kane’s Level 7 Security Window Screens

ERIE, Pennsylvania – January 31, 2019 – Architectural products manufacturer, Kane Innovations, has recently published a 24-page buyer’s guide to assist potential customers in selecting and installing behavioral and mental health security screens.

The guide, entitled “Security Window Screens for Behavioral Health”, is a comprehensive handbook created specifically for architects, hospital facility managers, facility planners and others involved in the mental health sector.  The booklet will aid these professionals in choosing the correct window security screen system for their application.

Also known as threat “Level 7” security screens, Kane’s physical security window products for behavioral health are fabricated using a combination of either steel or aluminum framing with polycarbonate glazing or wire mesh infill options.   The screens serve a dual purpose:  to protect patients from injuring themselves, and to protect staff in and around offices and observation stations.

National Sales Manager, Jim Lenaway, said that the behavioral health guide was a necessity due to the uptick in hospital wing renovations.

“We’ve noticed that many older general hospitals are converting entire wings to behavioral health treatment centers.  Kane Innovations is happy to step in with our screens and offer a cost-effective retrofit solution for window protection in these areas.”

Lenaway said he believes the conversion trend is due in part to the speed of modern medical care.

“Due to advancements in modern medicine, patients aren’t in the hospital for weeks on end as they were decades ago.  Someone recovering from routine surgery might be in and out of the hospital in 24 to 48 hours.  These quicker hospital stays are leaving facilities with quite a bit of leftover space that can be used for other things – such as behavioral health treatment,” he said.

Kane Innovations’ behavioral health guide can be downloaded via this link, or off of their website, beginning today.