Custom Ornamental Fabrications Products and Systems

Merging style and function. Decorative and practical, our ornamental fabrications are custom made to fit specific style needs.What can we create for you?

Security Screens Products and Systems

Custom-configured safety.  Kane Security Screens set the industry standard in attractive and safe window protection. We offer multi-level security screens for facilities of all types. See our security screen products

Detention Products and Systems

Security for all.  Correctional institutions and criminal justice facilities that demand the highest levels of protection turn to Kane. We are unrivaled in the industry across all levels of security and containment. Check out our detention products

“To comply with United States Marshals Service Standards…Kane Detention skillfully engineered their Vantage Wall cells fronts to accommodate our needs. Not only did Kane assist us in meeting all USMS specifications, their design flexibility, precision and guidance made them very much a valued partner in the success of this project.”

Bob Estlund, Justice Facilities Specialist, Associate, Integrus Architecture

“As façade restoration specialists, we’re often faced with unique engineering challenges when retrofitting balcony railing. Aside from nailing the aesthetics as per usual, Kane’s highly customized modifications made for easy installation.”

Tim Steele, Quality Restorations, Inc.