S-G12-Z – Fixed Mount Steel – 12 Gauge |  Maximum Security Barriers

A thick layer of polycarbonate glazing makes Kane Innovations’ maximum security barrier even more secure, supporting the blockage of unwanted material through open areas. Transparency and sound-deadening properties are by-products of this additional overlay, resulting in an all-in-one security solution for even the toughest corrections applications.

Kane Innovations’ Secur-View Glazed Barrier:

  • Safeguards corrections employees by preventing “gassing” *
  • Reduces sound to allow for a better working environment
  • Offers improved visibility over hollow metal doors providing correctional officers with an unobstructed view of inmate activity
  • Glazing prevents the passing of contraband through the woven steel rods
  • Can match all required security levels: Minimum, Medium or Maximum

*Prison slang for the act of throwing feces, or other bodily fluids such as urine, blood or saliva.