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Threat Level 7: Maximum Security Screens

Maximum Security Screens, the highest level Kane Security screen offering, resist repeated blows and exposure to extreme forces over long periods of time in adverse environments.

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Threat Level 6: Medium Security Screens

Level 6: Medium Security Screens offer the same features and benefits of Level 5: Maximum Vandalism Security Screens, with increased protection against heavy vandalism and forced entry.

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Threat Level 5: Heavy Vandalism Screens

Level 5 screens offer the same window protection as Level 4 screens, but with denser infill options, heavier-duty hardware, more substantial framing members and HUD-Heavy ratings on all models.

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Threat Level 4: Medium Vandalism Screens

Level 4 screens provide protection from insects, theft and vandalism, with the added benefit of security screen-level components. Level 4 security window screens cannot be forced open with a common object.

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