Break-ins. They can occur any time of day and can be executed swiftly and quietly by intruders using tools like crowbars, small hammers, pliers… even rocks and bricks.

Break-in statistics:

  • The highest percentage of window break-ins/burglaries occur during the summer months.
  • Over 95% of break-ins require some amount of force to break in.
  • An open window with only a locked, standard, cloth window screen (not security screen) is particularly inviting to thieves due to quick, easy and silent access.
  • Two million burglaries are reported each year within the United States.

Protecting the openings around the perimeter of your facility is important. So when it comes to glass protection there are many benefits of security screens, why choose security screens in lieu of burglar bars for windows and doors?

Here are the benefits of security screens;

Security Screen- Narrow sightline; blends flawlessly with building design; looks like normal cloth window screen or storm door.
Burglar Bars – Prison-like appearance and feel; gives the impression of a high-crime area, thereby reducing property value; blocks view to outside.
Security Screen– Made of aluminum framing members (non-corrosive).
Burglar Bars – Most are made of steel (will rust/corrode).
Security Screen – Offer easy egress in the event of a fire or emergency.
Burglar Bars – A number of burglar bar systems are fixed and not easily opened from the inside, thereby posing a serious life-safety risk.

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