Accidental falls from window openings not only endanger the lives of children (see previous post Windows & Balconies: 4 Building Tips for Child Safety & Fall Protection), young adults are also at a high risk for severe injury or death.

The fear of every college or university official is experiencing a student tragedy that could have easily been prevented by utilizing the correct precautionary measures. Unfortunately, many higher education facilities all over the country – and the world – have had this same fear realized, such as the institutions mentioned in the articles below:

University of Michigan:
Man Falls 43 Feet From University Of Michigan Dorm Window « CBS Detroit

Penn State University (Apartments):
State College Police Investigating Student Fall Through Window Screen

University of Central Missouri:
News: Warrensburg, Mo. Update: UCM Student Who Fell From 4th Floor Dorm Window Screen is Paralyzed

To learn more about falls and how to prevent them, read through the following lists. This information could potentially save a life on your college campus.

Facts About Falls:

  • Falls are the second leading cause of accidental or unintentional injury deaths wordwide.
  • 37.3 million falls that are severe enough to require medical attention, occur each year.
  • Move all furniture away from windows.
  • Remember that typical cloth window security screens will not prevent an accidental fall. For more information on fall protection screens, CLICK HERE.
  • Ladders to dormitory roofs and roofs themselves should be considered off limits for students.
  • If windows are open, use window stops to prevent the window from opening more than 4″.
  • Install window security screens on all second story or higher windows.

To learn more about security window screens for your college or university housing facilities, CLICK HERE.