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Detention Windows

Kane Detention’s windows work with existing windows to provide medium-level protection in prison cells and dormitories. These detention screens work best in non-violent spaces.

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Detention Furniture, Screens and Equipment

Kane Detention's furniture products, screens and equipment are tough enough to withstand high levels of force from inmates. From modesty panels and screens to stools and benches.

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Detention Ceilings and Walls

Kane Detention’s interlocking detention ceilings and walls provide optimum protection against escape through areas above the ceiling and through walls. 

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Modular Jail Cells

For a low-cost alternative, Kane Detention's Modular Holding Cells offer an excellent pre-fabricated solution. Courthouses, airports, sports arenas and law enforcement precincts have all used Kane's Holding Cells for detainees.

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Maximum Security Doors

Doors from Kane Detention serve as high-security passage control systems through secured or unsecured areas.

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Maximum Security Barriers

Maximum Security Barriers are considered strong enough to operate as the only physical barrier that separates inmates from the outside world. These barriers are also known as “prime perimeter security” barriers.

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