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Van-Guard Operable Side-Hinged

Van-Guard Operable Side-Hinged

Kane Detention's Van-Guard screens, a crossover from our sister-brand, Kane Security, represent all the versatility of a security screen with the durability of detention-grade components.  Van-Guard detention screens are perfect for holding cells, prison dormitories, jail cell windows and on any operable window that requires an extra layer of protection. Medium detention Van-Guard window security screens by Kane Detention are fully welded and come in a variety of custom sizes and shapes.  Each screen features multi-point locking systems and anti-compression hinges.



Specifications - Surface Mount - DOCPDF

Specifications - Reveal Mount - DOCPDF

Details - Surface Mount - PDFDWG DWG

Details - Reveal Mount - PDFDWG DWG

BIM - Surface Mount - (.rfa) (.rfa)

BIM - Reveal Mount - (.rfa) (.rfa)Reveal Frame Reveal Frame



Powder Coat – AAMA 2604
Beige, Black, Bronze, Gray, White
Hot-Dipped Galvanized
Stainless Polishing
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